You Are Never Too Old to Learn More!

One of the many blessings of being a grandparent is that we have an endless supply of memories. I especially like the internet because through blogging it provides an enormous audience to share these memories with.

I became a single mom when my two daughters were 9 and 10 years old. They truly were the glue that held my life together. Out of many tough times, we had a lot of fun! They were the tools that helped me become successful back then.

Today as I was working and searching for the right tools to accomplish a project I am working on I started reminiscing about my past. I was thinking how much better our lives would have been if internet marketing, as we know it now, was in existence back then. The time frame I am referring to is the early 80’s. I would have been able to work at home and improve our quality of life. I would have been able to have warm cookies right out of the oven waiting when the girls got home from school. My mother was living with us at the time, but that is not the same thing as having YOUR mom waiting for you. God love my mom, it was a help to have her there but she was not fond of children or animals. And we had lots of pets…I need not say more!

Since retiring in 2007 I have been learning all I can about internet marketing. As everyone knows, there is a lot to learn. Whether you are a newbie working an internet marketing business, or a very accomplished person who has been doing this for years, it is always helpful to find tools where you do not have to work harder….just work smarter! Our past can serve to give us a more productive, better future if we allow ourselves to learn from our mistakes and successes.

I recently found some marvelous tools all under one roof at one low cost. I am not an expert at HTML, but with the services I have found, I do not have to be. I have worked with other online businesses and spent hours developing web pages to promote what I am doing (I am ashamed to admit in my earlier days it could even take me an entire day). It never occurred to me that an opportunity would provide me with complete capture pages and complete prospecting tools. It has saved me so much time.

I always had problems touching base with people in my downline so I find it very convenient to now have my own VoIP conference room where we can gather and discuss our progress and what actions we need to take from this point forward. When one of my people is having difficulty I can meeting them in my conference room and do one on one training. It gives me a better rapport with my people. I can personally show I really care about them. And there are times when I need help and I can find it in the same manner. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are a lone ship drifting around at sea.

I have truly learned so much about auto responders, video hosting, domains and cPanels. I think I could truly be the poster child for, “You can teach an old dog new tricks!” Learning techniques, and the proper, most efficient way to execute a project definitely gives you a great sense of accomplishment.(at any age) I feel we are never too old to learn, and every day I learn something new is a great day. It is a good feeling to come out of a training that is going to help me be more successful at what I am doing.