What Makes a Great Product Page on an eCommerce Website

What Makes a Great Product Page on an eCommerce Website : In the quick and kaleidoscopic world of eCommerce no two websites are same. The features may be common, but it’s imperative that the eCommerce website development company you employ makes each website unique and eye-catching. If you own an eCommerce site, remember that the product page can actually make or break your business! It is only after visiting this page that a visitor becomes a customer. Therefore, it is the utmost responsibility of an eCommerce website development company to create an excellent product page that would attract hordes of visitors to your website.

Whether you seek the services of a Magento website development company or any eCommerce website development company that works on any other platform, it is important to ensure that several factors such as usability, use of images, accurate information, testimonials and reviews are taken into consideration.

Use Bright Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Customize your product page with thousands of brighter and cleaner images of various products. Bigger and brighter images attract the attention of the visitors, who, taking interest in the product, would go through its features and probably end up buying one. Smaller and hazier images should be treated like anathema, they fail to draw the attention of the customers.

Provide 360-Degree View

The products featured on a page must offer a 360 degree view. Customers are interested in “seeing” a product before they proceed to check out, so give them an option to have a look at the product virtually. A Magento development company or any eCommerce website development company would help you upload product images that offer a 360 view.

Upload videos

Customers want to know how to use a product. So, uploading a demo video would be a great idea. A nicely done video would give the customer an intuitive and detailed understanding about a product and its various features.

Price Comparison

If you are giving discounts on your products, show the discounts to your customers. Always show the comparison between the original price and the discounted price. Let the entire price details be in one place. Never provide haphazard and scattered information as that would just annoy your customers.

Provide Detailed Product Description

Provide the accurate information that people need. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart and others provide customers with accurate product descriptions.

Enable Live Chat

Make the product page as much as user friendly as possible. There is no harm in offering live chat button in each product page. If the customers have queries about product/products they have the option of talking to the executives directly.

Mention shipping and return policy

Customers are always interested to know about the shipping charges and return policy. If the shipping charges suddenly appear in the checkout stage and not before that, you may have high chances of losing your customers. Your customers can abandon the cart if they find the shipping charges too high in the checkout page. Ensure that the product page includes the shipping and return details.