Web Designing Skills You Must Have!

Web designers and web developers often work closely with each other. In order to pursue a career in web designing or as a web developer, you need to possess a large number of skills. After all, you must have an edge over the rest of the crowd who also want to become a part of the booming web design industry.

Skills Required

Before we get into the technical side of things, let’s start with the basic skills you must posses in order to be a web designer. You need to be extremely observant and should have an eye for detail.

As a web designer, you must pay close attention to the nitty-gritty of your job. Moreover, you need to know what goes where and how things should be arranged so as to most appeal to the browsers and the customer base your client is targeting.

A strong aesthetic sense is also called for. Let’s face it, a web designer’s job is to efficiently design a web site so that it conveys all the information that it is required to, while at the same time being attractive and eye-catching.

No one wants to read pages and pages of information! If they needed to, they could just go to Wikipedia! You need to make your web page look good and for that you need to have a strong aesthetic sense.

Now, moving on to the more pressing, technical aspect of things as a web designer! You need to posses a thorough knowledge of XHTML and HTML technology. This is the basic language of the internet and if you don’t know the basic language, how will you manage to converse? Though this consists of the basics of web designing, it is the most invaluable aspect of it. Just knowing this language itself enables you to develop simple websites!

CSS is the next step. This is a more advanced program than HTML but it is an amazing tool. CSS is an abbreviation for cascading style sheets. With thorough knowledge of this language, you can give your web page makeovers any time! If you design a web page to look a certain way and with the simple operation required to change a style sheet, you can make it look totally different!

Javascript and Ajax is something that web designers need to get comfortable with. Javascript is the basic interactive element of a web site so, quite obviously, as a good web developer, you need to master it.

Once you understand the relation between javascript and the website you’re working on, your task becomes much easier. Other languages and platforms you need to get comfortable with include C++, PERL, ASP etc. For animation and graphics, learning Flash is also quite helpful.

An essential part of the job description is learning and maintaining a proper database, therefore, a complete course in MySQL is highly recommended. SQL is another database which you can learn along with MS Access.

Search Engine optimization is also part of the job description of a web designer. In today’s competitive market, where would we be without Search Engine optimization? Web designers require a variety of skills; these are just a few of them! The sky is the limit when it comes to web designing!