5 Ways SEO Works Maximize Digital Marketing!

Works SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a measure of website optimization that takes place in the digital world. How SEO works is a series of initiatives or actions that help websites appear higher in the Google search engine. SEO is used to make the website you manage appear in the top list when users search for certain keywords in the Google search engine.

Why do people do this SEO optimization method?

SEO optimization is done so that the website appears higher in the Google search engine. Its main purpose is to ensure that the managed websites appear at the top of the list when the targeted keywords are entered by searchers or readers.

How SEO Works

Based on the understanding of SEO above, how does SEO bring your website to appear in the top rankings of the Google search engine? Here’s how SEO works that you can understand so you can make the most of it on your website:

1. Crawling

All SEO works begins with a crawling process. When you enter keywords into a search engine and hit enter, the search engine’s algorithms kick in and software called a crawler immediately starts the crawling process. A process is how information is collected from various websites. Like a spider crawling on all surfaces and corners of walls with its tiny legs, this crawling process is very precise and detailed.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! collect data from one page to another and from one link to another.

2. Indexing

The crawler process enters information into the database. After the process is complete, the crawler continues to the next stage, namely Indexing. How SEO indexing works has an important role in the process of optimizing your website on the Google search engine. During this process, the crawler will identify each word and phrase on the website page. This process will cause the website to be entered into the search engine’s database for certain keywords. Information about sites is stored in lists of entries which are then called indexes.

3. Processing

SEO techniques and search engine algorithms are starting to work together. The search engines scan all forms of optimization that you have done. Including comparing it with information already stored in search engine databases. To better understand this, imagine someone entering the keyword “harmful cosmetic ingredients.”

Using these keywords, search engines scan and compare all the articles on your website related to those keywords. Optimization efforts such as using SEO make it easier for search engines to scan and match those keywords.

4. Relevance calculation or Calculating Relevancy

After the previous process is complete, search engine algorithms start calculating relevance. In this process, the search engine calculates the relationship between the keywords entered into the search engine and the articles and websites that have been indexed before. This process assesses whether the article is high or irrelevant. In addition, search engines also consider website feasibility, from readability to page aesthetics. So, SEO plays a very important role at this stage.

5. Search Results or Retrieving Results

Results are shown of course in ranking order After completing above steps. Then, the search engine algorithm will show various websites with strong relevance with pre-processed keywords with enough permissions. The results displayed are also sorted from first to last rank. Therefore, to get the best results, you must maximize the way this SEO works on the website that you are running.

Now that you know how SEO works and its algorithms, you can take full advantage of search engine optimization to create synergies with search engines and get the best results. In practice, there are several ways to optimize SEO that you pay attention to so that SEO works naturally. This is because Google does not carelessly choose sites that enter the top rank on its search page. So, SEO techniques can be one way.