Using Facebook and Social Media Planning For Online Business Success

New social networking sites seem to be sprouting up almost on a daily basis. It is difficult to even keep up with which are the appropriate ones for your own business interest. Although, what some companies are doing today, if they are unable to locate a networking site directed towards their niche or any that service their specific niche, they are creating their own network sites.

In January 2009, one company launched a social network to help moms return to work and for working moms trying to do it all. The company was a privately-funded, women-owned start-up with no advertising or PR budget at hand. Given the partners both came from advertising backgrounds, they understood the importance in harnessing the power of tools such as Twitter and Facebook to aid us in building their brand and gaining awareness of their new venture.

To begin, prior to launch, they set up a Facebook page as a means to begin to get the word out using a teaser campaign on our Fan Page – COMING SOON!… LAUNCHING JANUARY 15th! In so doing, they were able to gain hundreds of members for their new venture before even launching our company. They regularly updated their fans as to the progress of their site, and what the members could expect. This was a huge success given that they were able to convert those fans to members of their community within the first days of their network site opening.

Secondly, upon launch, they created a twitter page using their company name. After researching, they followed all the major players in their niche, media and job/career-related firms with hopes of them following back. Many of them did. However, not more than a month or two after, it was clearly recognized that without having the benefit of their keyword in their Twitter name, they were not being found.

After two months of tweets, they elected to change directions and start using their keyword along with their company name in their Twitter ID, which quickly took hold. After two months, they had 2500 followers. And this being in a highly niche-oriented business.

The best part is that they were able to convert most of their Twitter followers into paid members of their monthly membership site.

Following this social media plan, in just 5 months, they were a global social network seeing 70,000 views/month, 6+ minutes/view, 40% unique visitors and close to 2700 members.

Without the benefit of Facebook, they would still be in their cocoon.

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