The Advantages Of Social Networking For Business

Marketing strategies have undergone a sea of change owing to the use of the internet. Social networking is one of the outcomes. It is at the base of most organization’s promotion campaign. MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are popular examples, Facebook being the master of all. The advantages of social media sites render it a favorable option for business marketing. We have mentioned the main advantages in this short article.

Features of a Social Networking Site

1. Popularity:

Social networking sites have millions of users. The popularity of Facebook and Twitter is a testimony to this fact. As people increasingly “Like” and “Share” business advertisements over these networks, it attracts more traffic to your site.

2. Targeted Advertising:

Social networking has changed the way business owners get in touch with their customers. It allows them to choose their customers in the crowds of random traffic. It allows for targeted advertising. If you have a Facebook account, you must have noticed advertisements in the right column of the page. The advertisements displayed on the side are based on the information provided in your profile. Companies post targeted ads based on information such as age, gender, employment information, hobbies and geographic location.

3. Boosts Employee Productivity:

This is in true in case of large corporations with branches in different countries of the world. Social networking sites provide employees a platform to collaborate and work in cooperation towards the fulfillment of goals irrespective of their geographical location. Such work efficiency boosts productivity and thereby profits for the company.

4. Marketing Options:

There are multiple ways a business can use social media to endorse a product or service. The first involves posting banner ads based on customer interests and hobbies gathered from public profiles. An organization can setup a separate business profile on a social networking site or design a fan page. It allows you to keep them up-to-date with business information. Video sharing sites can also be grouped under social media sites as account holders upload files for public viewing and viewers comment, vote and share files. Thus, businesses can create a series of videos as a promotion strategy.

5. Customer Feedback:

Client feedback is an important aspect of every business. However, negative comments in social circles have a bad influence on brand name. Social networking sites allow you to obtain consumer feedback discreetly. The first option is to include a feedback form on your Facebook Fan page. The other option is to post a link to a contact form on your website. Here they can voice concerns and complaints. You can also post a survey to your Twitter account. You can secure client opinions for a new product or service. Social forums can also be used to pre-sell your product.

6. Recruiting:

The success of recruiting via social networking sites is still being studied. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is more professional in nature. Company owners can build their talent pool by hiring qualified and deserving people. They can also post job vacancies.

Considering the growing importance of such sites in business promotion, companies have started hiring analysts to create ads tailored to social media sites. Companies have also started training their employees in internet socialization skills.