Promote Your Website Using Social Networking And Bookmarking

You will agree with me that website promotion and optimization is an integral part of web design and hosting. In the course of creating a web page, there are some various salient points you need to consider and ensure you did not omit as a professional webmaster. These facts are necessities you cannot ignore if you want search engine crawlers to index your web page completely with no mistakes. Having a website with good architecture, beautiful color blending and other seasonal enhancements like flash file, videos and animated images is good but it is not enough to make your website appear at the top pages of search engines like Google. Website promotion is intense and verse just like its counterpart website optimization and monetization.

Inexperienced webmasters on many occasions refer website promotion as website optimization and vice versa hence they commit blunders and mix things up as a result of their ineptitude. But after going through this write up, you will be able to clearly distinguish between website promotion and website optimization or monetization. Moreover you will be able to discern the importance of website promotion and how it can be achieved using social networking and bookmarking. Website optimization or monetization is a contemporary of website promotion but there is a thin line of distinction between them. While website promotion involves the various means webmasters employ in the course of making their website appear in the top pages of search engines. Then website optimization or monetization in its basic perspective involves the various online programs we engage in other to earn a few bucks for ourselves. Most of these programs like Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing etc are designed in such a way that before you can earn from it you must have promoted your website well enough to be listed in the top pages of various search engines.

Now you can see the relationship between website promotion and optimization. In summary, you can only rip the full dividends of website optimization or monetization only if your website is well promoted and placed in search engine web pages.

Having grasped in detail what website promotion and optimization is all about. The big question is how you can promote your website to soar high in search engine web pages. There are various ways in which a successful webmaster can effectively promote his/her website but we are going to only deliberate on two unique methods which are social networking and social bookmarking.


There is a cliché in internet marketing that says you get traffic from traffic. This relatively means that one is able to get traffic from search engines not because you rank high in that search engine but because that the search engine gets traffic. Nevertheless you should always endeavor to submit your website or blogs to search engines that have high patronage from the public. So I will advise that you submit your web pages to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. Social networking is a great way of harnessing traffic to your website.

There are lots of social networking websites nowadays but the very popular ones are Twitter, Facebook and Google +. In the course of this write up I am going to extensively describe how you can tap in to the goldmine that Twitter has provided and drive all the traffic you need to your web pages. There is no gain saying that Twitter is the biggest social networking website and the most trafficked websites in the internet presently. For you to get started with Twitter simply go to and set up your profile. It is really easy to understand but always remember to post your website on your profile for your followers to see and visit it. It is true that twitter has enormous traffic but you need to know how to use it effectively before you can rip from its verse traffic base.

Twitter is simply a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allow its users to send and receive messages known as tweets. Tweets are text based post of up to 140 characters displayed o the authors profile page and are easily accessed by the authors subscribers referred to as followers. The secret towards excelling in twitter is for you to be active. To be active in twitter you have to post your tweets several times daily, reply to your followers tweets and most importantly ensure that you follow many people. It is very important to follow a lot of people in twitter so that you can stand a chance of them having access to your tweets which ordinarily they couldn’t have if you do not follow them.

We want you to know that we have unraveled the main points you need to know about Twitter as a type of social networking strategy for harnessing traffic to your website. We want you to always remember that social networking is an already proven method of website promotion and optimization because it is where most people are once they set up their server (any computer in a network like a computer connected to the World Wide Web).

Because social networking is fun you might not know when you are stuck up in it all day. So I suggest you make out time for each method of website promotion and optimization lest you forget to pay attention to all of them.


Just like social networking, social bookmarking is a key element of web 2.0 and a very good way of harnessing traffic to your website. Social bookmarking is a very easy, free and fast way of website promotion and optimization. Social bookmarking are places where registered users can list or bookmark their favorite websites while tapping in to the pool of traffic possessed by these websites. The twist is that users can share their bookmarks to other users of the social bookmarking website thereby generating massive backlinks to your website. And you know that search engine spiders love backlinks and that quality backlinks will definitely improve your website PR (page rank) in search engines.

There are various social bookmarking websites scattered all over the internet but I am going to illustrate in details how you can use Onlywire (a social bookmarking website) to promote and optimize your website real fast. To get started with Onlywire you have to register on their platform for free after which you will be presented with a list of other social bookmarking websites that you will also have to register with. Go back to Onlywire and key in the username and password you used in registering in those websites, save it by clicking the save button. Follow the instructions provided by Onlywire and remember to move Onlywire icon in to your tool bar for you to start social bookmarking.

Then go to each page on your website and click the Onlywire icon in your tool bar and it will take you to a page in Onlywires. Fill in the required information and remember to tag each page with the right keyword before you submit. Onlywire will subsequently send that bookmark together with its tag to those social bookmarking websites that you initially registered with at You are required to repeat this process for each page on your website and any time you add a new page.

This will assist grossly in positioning your website at the top pages of search engines like Google whenever any member of those social bookmarking websites key in a keyword that is relative linked to the keyword tags in your onlywire posts. Your website pops up hence you get the required traffic you need, isn’t that beautiful and fast.