Modern Web Designing Trends For 2010

Since 2010 has finally arrived, the latest and innovative website designs that will escort the new look of tomorrow’s online market, have also arrived. There will be web design trends that people will be keen on and probably some they would not like much, and what is hot at the start of the year may be passé by the year end. In addition, the web designing trend doesn’t start on and end in the first month of the year. There are specific modifications in styles and trends as the year progresses.

The trends that develop with time also help web designers improve as well, allowing them to excel and improve their proficiency and to achieve new heights of creativity and innovation. Some of the most renowned web designers of today have identified the website designs which can be called as the hottest trends of 2010.

The web design trends from a reputed web designing company which comes out with a different trend will help you with new and hottest design trends into your custom designed website. You can include any of the below most modern web designing trends to customize your website.

Large logo and header:

An extra-large logo with an outsized header is one trend that is already growing in popularity, and will likely inhabit many recently designed or redesigned websites in 2010. The main purpose behind a large header is to enhance brand identification and leave a lasting impression. They are projected to take over a major segment of the splash page, tempting visitors to scroll down.

Sketching designs:

Sketching designs in 2010 will not be the latest trends of a web design, but relatively a technique used to customize regular webpage and accordingly become an essential part of commercial design. The sketch will help to differentiate between a business website and personal interface.


Typography in a web design was a popular trend in 2009 and will probably remain so in 2010. Websites making use of Typography as their core design constituent may be more appealing to a reader than the identical site with a large quantity of images.

Page Layouts

The advancement of single page layouts in 2010 will stress on personal summary with reduced business supremacy. This web design will focus on the entity, their blog, public media hangouts, etc.

Change of perception:

The change in perception to a more practical observation will achieve an ultimate trend in 2010. Experimenting with extraordinary approach, such as a side-shot aerial, may be a demanding ingredient that finds its way into the web design world.

Instinctive Design:

The progress of websites with Flash has come a long way, with the arrival of swfobject2.2, SIFR and other Flash tools that facilitate to be more available to popular search engines. 2010 will see web designers moving towards a number of more positive rudiments of Flash. Since the average visitor is now more Web savvy than in earlier years, designers will begin to build sites that are more instinctive and spontaneous.