Make Money From Your Blog – The Secret

Make Money From Your Blog – The Secret : Your blog can probably become the major source of income and you may be resigning from your full time job. Yes! That’s not very strange or impossible. There do exist many blogs making thousands of dollars as supplementary income. There’s no doubt that it takes time and struggle to reach to the peak, but you will have to start it one day, so why not right now? You need no prior experience or technical skills for creating a blog. All you need is determination and creativity. If you have these two ingredients, you can be a very successful blogger. Just start off with a simple blog and keep on updating it frequently so that you can have a good amount of returning visitors. Always remember, that these are the returning visitors which become the main source of your supplementary income.

Copying and pasting tons of pages from one renowned website to your blog will never work. This is because you will never be able to get your blog in search engine results and hence you will not receive any traffic. In order to receive targeted, true, long term and returning traffic, you need to put your blog in search engine. Making your blog available in search engine is nothing less than achieving a high school scholarship. You will have to work hard and need to learn the tactics and engineering going behind the search engine. These tactics and ways of popping your blogger up in search results in professionally termed as ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO.

There are hundreds of ways to make your blogger search engine optimized. You should learn the most effective and quick ways so that you can start off quickly. Back links creation is the most useful and effective way of generating true traffic on your blog. Back links are simply links of your blog which are placed on other reputed and high page rank websites. When you place your link with a specific keyword on other website, you create a back link for your website. The greater number of back links your site hosts, the greater are the chances to get traffic. Article marketing websites are most popularly used for the purpose of creating back links. You can have dual advantages for using article marketing websites. One: You can introduce your website, it benefits and advantages. Two: You can create a back link for your website which is a direct approach for optimizing your website for search engine.

Fill your blog with pay per click and affiliate advertisements. But don’t stuff the main page of your blog with too many ads as it will not give a good and attractive appearance. You need to be a little bit artistic in order to design your website graphically. Try to place colors and pictures according to the niche of your blog. Place the advertisements technically so that you can generate revenues every time a person clicks on it. Keep a track on the posts which are most popular visited and commented by visitors. Concentrate on the niche of those posts and publish similar posts.