Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business Blog?

Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business Blog? : Are you happy with the performance of your business blog, and is it helping to drive qualified traffic to your website? If you answered no to both questions and your blog just simply feels stale, you may want to consider rebranding it.

If you did not engage the help of a content marketing agency when you initially launched your blog, you may want to consider doing so with a rebrand. Not only can a professional agency assist you with creating a fresh and responsive design for your blog, but an agency’s content marketing expertise can also benefit you with the type of topics that you should be discussing on your blog and ways to optimize your posts for SEO purposes.

Whether you decide to go the agency route or not, here are the steps that you’ll need to take when it comes to rebranding your business blog:

1. Determine if a name change is necessary.

As far a business blogs are concerned, you probably won’t want to change the name of the blog unless you’ve recently changed the name of your business. Keep in mind that a good name for your blog accurately represents who you are, is short, memorable, and likely contains a keyword that search engines love.

2. Select a design for your blog.

This will be one of the most noticeable changes to your blog and will make one of the biggest impacts during the rebranding process, so be sure to take your time with this. Your design will need to be user-friendly, consistent with the type of content that you want to share, responsive, and mobile friendly. As you consider your ideal design, think about how your audience likes to interact with your blog, and create a design that caters to these needs.

3. Choose a blogging platform.

I’m partial to WordPress as it’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and offers a lot of incredible plugins to really help you customize your site and help drive the results that you want. There are a lot of great options out there for your blogging platform, though, so take the time to make yourself familiar with the pros and cons of each one.

4. Determine the existing content that you want to keep with the rebranded blog.

If you’ve been handling content creation on your own, it’s likely that your earlier posts don’t reflect the writer that you have become today. Use your analytics tools to find out which articles generated the most engagement with your audience, and make a point to carry those blog posts over to your new rebranded blog. You may decide that some of your older content, for whatever reason, is no longer applicable or does not who your brand is. In those cases, you may decide to delete those posts from your blog.

5. Update all of your social media accounts and feeds.

Once you have rebranded your blog (especially if you’ve changed the name), you will need to make sure all of the usernames to reflect the new rebranded blog. When your social media user names don’t match up to your new rebranded blog name, it will just look sloppy to your followers. The Lotus Creative shares some easy tips for how to change your social media username on a variety of channels.

If you are still in the every early stages of considering a rebrand to your business blog, feel free to contact one of our content marketing specialists to help determine if this would indeed be a good move for your business and other factors that you should consider.