How to Build an Authority Site

Authority sites really are one of the greatest assets you can have as an internet marketer. Whether you make your own products or you are commissioned as an affiliate it really is a beautiful thing.

More often than not affiliate sites will be these small WordPress blogs that get maybe 100 visitors a day if they are lucky. Most of the time they will have a stock theme that was obtained from site with free downloads.

However building that puny little blog into an affiliate site can really get you to the point of quitting your day job in order to be a full time internet marketer. Once you have built an authority site you basically are one of the big guys in your market.

Even if you don’t want to go into an all out business venture with whatever site you create you can still sell it for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to somebody who would like to take it for a spin. So is it worth it? I most definitely think it is worth my time to build up sites that will outrank millions of competitors in the search engines.

So how do you get your site to be a monster? How do you take that seed and grow it into a money tree?

It is very simple but not very easy which is why not a lot of people do it. But come on this is the internet where everything is faster and easier than the real world.

Building an authority site is based on two main factors. And they are content and backlinks as it always is. First let me talk about the content.

Content is what drives your visitors to the site. It is what the Google spiders check over to learn what your site is about so you can get very accurate listings in the search engine. So you need to always stay on topic with whatever market you enter.

If you are in the weight loss market then you need to fill that site up with tens and eventually hundreds of articles that will both help the visitors as well as help the search engines understand your site. So you basically need to pump out as many keyword rich articles that make perfect sense and provide some great information to your visitors who are in turn your customers.

Then there are backlinks. Now when you are “gung ho” on creating a massive site with valuable content eventually other sites will catch on once they find it and link to you. This can and will take a lot of time for it to happen.

That is why you need to get your site out there. You need to do as many things as you can to get people and webmasters to check your site out. There is the old way of buying backlinks but that is a very bad idea considering an authority site is long term and you definitely do not want to get it banned.

So the old fashioned way is getting some of that content into articles and posting them to article directories like this one. Also going on forums or making YouTube videos are excellent ways. Get creative and think outside the box a bit. There are plenty of cooking sites for example but they all do it the traditional way.

You on the other hand could do something like post your own YouTube channel full of videos of you cooking up some meals and then provide some recipes or something. Only if you are in that market of course.