Get More Visitors on Your Blog Quick and Easy

Recently I ran across a unique marketing strategy that is specific for blogs. It is really terrific as it enables blogs to get more attention, more traffic, and more links. Here are some of the ways in which any blogger can get people coming to their site more and more.

Remember that each blog is a web-site, although not each web-site is a blog. My top techniques of getting traffic to a web-site are still my top techniques of getting traffic to a blog. But blogs are a special sort of web-site. There are extra techniques of getting new visitors to your blog that are extremely impressive. The 1st one I played with was linking to others. Those among us old-timers on the ‘net remember when the whole ‘net was a tiny, close community when it was OK to send an e-mail telling others in your subject area that you simply set up a site and would like a link on their site. That isn’t what I am recommending with the blog community. The times of sending even a private e-mail to somebody you have not met are virtually over.

Nonetheless it still is OK and still rather anticipated that you introduce yourself when you come into a community. It’s also a great idea to let your new community know you are a genial guy and are prepared to help out in the neighborhood. First, you must find your neighbours.

Start by looking for ______ blog on Google, Yahoo or your favourite search site. Fill in the blank with the subject of your blog. Have a quick look at the blogs you see. Do you like them? Good, these are front-runners in your new community. Link to them in your blog roll.

Do you not like them? No problem. Don’t link to them then. It is not needed that you like everyone in your new community, but you really would like to be part of the community you now live in Now as you read those blogs daily, notice their blog rolls ( links they should other blogs in your community ). Go visit them. Here’s where the Alexa toolbar comes in. You’ll find some new leaders ( those with blogs showing less than 100,000 on your Alexa toolbar ). Check out their blog and if you’re keen on it add it to your own blog roll. It is a new community. I’d never lived in an agricultural area before, so it was vital for me to go through this precise same exercise as I became part of my new community up here in the mountains. Sure, it did not involve Alexa or linking to others but the tenet is the same. When you enter a community and wish to be part of that community, get out there and start to know folks.

This is a technique to do that in the blogging community. I currently have 100 or so links from those in the blogging community after just a few months. From those links, I have over six hundred daily visits and over one hundred unswerving readers who come to read my blog every. Did I ask for any of those links? Nope. Have I got a hundred outward bound links? Nope. A large amount of those links came in without me linking to them. As I am getting the likelihood, I’m going and check out their blog and if I like it I give them a link. If I hate that blog for who knows what reason, I do not include it in my blog roll.

It is not always a tit for tat link exchange. A small number of you might be confused at that point about how my outwards bound links became inward bound links without any other action. You could be baffled about why I called this work Getting Blog Visitors when I have only talked about the best way to send my visitors to others by linking to them. OK, let me go into why this uniquely works great on blogs, though not on other web-sites. First, of all I use WordPress. It’s the fastest-growing blogging software out there. When I sign on to my control panel to scribble a blog post, I’m given a page that shows numerous blog statistics. One of the most outstanding parts of those statistics is the amount of incoming links AND a catalogue of people who lately linked to me.

When you see a blog called Mattress Cleaners just linked to you are you able to ignore that? I can not. I am straight away distracted and what does one do? I click it. I am going and check out that Mattress Cleaner blog. If they used to be a quality blog that was really important to the blog community of my very own blog ( and they are not ) they might get a link in my blog roll so I could check them out occasionally. When you link to a site and send them traffic, that turns up in their referrer logs. Nevertheless lots of web masters do not look at their logs or figures. People who do may use stat software that doesn’t even show referrers.

They may only focus on traffic and not where it comes from. Nevertheless most blog owners DO see when anyone links to them. It is right in their face when they login to make a new post. All you have to do to let somebody know that you have moved into their blog community is to link to them. BTW, it not only introduces you it allows them to know you are friendly and you like their part of the blog community you simply entered. Do not be surprised when they link back or maybe write a post about your blog. It is that straightforward.

Building up a large blog with tons of fresh traffic and a loyal return visitor base takes time, effort, and often times a few setbacks. But coming from someone who has seen the awesome results that can come from it, I highly recommend that you give your online business a serious push forward and keep it going until you get the results you want.