Five FAQs About Web Design

Web designing has been around for the last twenty years. Though its beginnings could be called “humble” in terms of its navigational, interface and graphics aspects, it is not another form of art that is integrated with internet technology. Almost anyone who endeavors to learn how to design a web site will be able to manage somehow. The reality though is that not everyone will have the ability to design “great” web pages.  For those who are new in the World Wide Web, here are five of the most frequently asked questions regarding web design.

1. What is web design?

Web designing is constructing web pages. It includes various phases of work in order to create a web page and its related pages. A web site is generally not one single page but also contains sub pages under different headings as needed by the site.  A web site generally has two kinds of presentations. The first one is the arrangement or presentation that the users relate to (interface) and the second presentation is about the page’s technical descriptions for non-human browsers like web robots.

The work that goes into web designing is not as easy as it seems for a web designer should have the expertise to present the web page appear uniformly in different browsers. The languages used in designing web sites are called hyper text, HTML or XML. What appears in IE browser might not be the same when viewed in Firefox.

2. Who are the ones that design web sites?

A web designer or a web developer has become synonymous. Strictly speaking though, a web designer is the one who conceptualize, plot and plan a web site.  A web developer is the one who uses HTML and XML to actually out up the pages. He is the one who takes care of writing the language for the web page’s graphics, audio and video streaming and other rich media.

There are plenty of ready-made templates and platforms available online today. Using this type of web page set up does not make you a web designer or developer.  You may be tech savvy but until you can write your own program, you cannot be called a web developer.

3. Does it take long to build a web site?

The answer depends on the person doing the web designing. It can take just a few hours to a few days. For ready-made-templates used in changing the web site’s skin, a few minutes will do.  Free website platforms will take only a few minutes to build.  Customized and personalized e-commerce sites will take a few days or even weeks to build up and perfect it.

4. Does a site’s design costs much?

The cost of your site’s design depends on its content.  A customized website can be had for as low as $100 to  the a high $2000 plus plus. The price is really dependent on the requirements. Personal websites are cheaper to design. However, e-commerce sites with trading and products displays and check-out counters are expensive.

5. Why do I need customized web design?

If you want your customers and readers to take you seriously, you need to have your own personalized website and domain name.  It would be a hard sell for you if you can’t even afford the time, money and effort to have your own domain name and web site.