eCommerce Order Fulfillment

eCommerce Order Fulfillment : As an eCommerce order fulfillment service, the companies work with a particular startup merchant that will surely be new to the order fulfillment process and will also occasionally not be too familiar with what the process is exactly or how it works. Basically, an order fulfillment in general refers to the various steps that are involved in processing, receiving and delivering of all the orders. This is a general definition and can also apply to various types of orders that range from large business to small businesses. The different steps that are basically involved in this process called order fulfillment are explained below for your understanding.


It doesn’t matter whether you are outsourcing your order fulfillment to a particular company or you are indeed choosing to do it in house, receiving the inventory from various manufacturers and suppliers is the very first step that must be followed towards getting orders to all your end customers. The typical things that various merchants and or fulfillment providers comply with are as follows.

• They count each item in order to ensure the actual number of the items matches to the numbers that have been ordered by the supplier.

• They inspect the actual inventory in order to see if the items have been damaged or not.

• They add the SKUs to the software of warehouse management in order to keep a good track of the location, numbers and counts of sales of each of the items that have been ordered.

• They apply the SKU and the labels of bar code if they do not already have it on them.

Storage of inventory

Once the inventory has been received successfully, inspected, counted, added and labeled to the management software of the warehouse, it is time for it to be shelved properly. This is called as inventory storage. Proper inventory storage is a very important aspect that helps in maximizing the accuracy and speed of the order fulfillment operation.

Processing of the order

The very first step in processing an order is to receive that particular order. Once a particular order is placed online by any customer, there are various number of ways for the sellers to get that order to the warehouse of fulfillment.


After the order has been packed successfully, it has to be moved to a station for shipping in order to prepare it for its delivery to the end customer. The shipping station is responsible to weigh the package and then determine the best method of shipment.

Returns for processing

It is important never to forget about the returns. For the online buyers, the ability to return the purchased items easily is a very important decision. This determines their interest in a particular website and thus this aspect has become very important in recent times.