Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Marketing Versus Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing services sure can decrease the amount of
time you are required to devote to your business to make it a
success. However, even though there are many advantages to search
engine marketing services, there are disadvantages to be
considered as well.

Before you make the critical decision to hire or not to hire
search engine marketing service providers, be sure you have
weighed the pros and cons as they relate to your particular
situation. After all, each and every woman-owned business is
unique, so what works for one business owner may or may not be
right for you.

The primary advantages to contracting search engine marketing
services are: 1) not having to manage your search engine
marketing campaigns saves you a lot of time, and 2) when you
contract professional search engine marketing services, they
likely have more experience in search engine marketing than what
you have.

Disadvantages are: 1) search engine marketing services can be
expensive, especially with ongoing monitoring of your marketing
campaign, which is crucial, and 2) there is some potential that
you will not get search engine marketing services that are worth
what you are paying for them.

The main toss-up in deciding between do-it-yourself or search
engine marketing services is between time and money. If you’ve
got more time than you’ve got money, doing your own search engine
marketing is likely best; however, if you’ve got more money than
time, using professional search engine marketing services is
probably for you. The second consideration is whether to master
the learning curve so you can do your own search engine
marketing, or to rely upon professionals to take care of it for

It is important to realize that ongoing monitoring and
adjustments to your search engine marketing campaign is
necessary, so consider that when reviewing your options. Some
businesswomen opt to have search engine marketing services plan
and launch their search engine marketing campaign, and then they
take the reins in managing the campaign over the long-run.

Search engine marketing services generally offer a variety of
service options. Search engine marketing services that design and
run your marketing campaign always begin with research. The
research should include analyzing your competition and
identifying keywords and keyword phrases that will optimize your
website for the search engines.

They may include natural search engine optimization and other
optimization services that involve strategic placement of
keywords and keyword phrases in your web content and meta tags.
Building link popularity is also generally a part of the natural
search engine optimization process.

The design and management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns
is often an option provided by search engine marketing services,
as is paid inclusion management, and online public relations.
Paid inclusion programs may include getting paid listings in
directories, portals, newsletters, ezines, or other online,
industry-based publications that will direct targeted traffic to
your website and increase your link popularity. Most search
engine marketing services provide ongoing monitoring and
maintenance to ensure that your website receives the best
possible results from your search engine marketing and paid

Link popularity is one of those things that remain constant as a
tactic for getting a good rank in search results. However,
professional search engine marketing services should know that
link relevancy is just as important. You can have tons of links
coming into your website, but if they are coming from websites
that are totally irrelevant to yours, they will not usually
accomplish the objective of boosting your website’s performance
in the search engines. Last but not least, search engine
marketing services should be able to provide you with detailed
reports that clearly demonstrate the services they are providing
and the results, in terms of traffic, that those services are