Connect With Your List by Utilizing Social Networking Sites Such As Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Just having someone join your list is not enough any more. Thinking ahead will make you a more effective business person and a leader in your field. You must be more creative in how you are able to stay in touch with your prospects and potential clients. This will increase your revenue and profits in your online business, and make a huge difference in what you are able to achieve over time.

You will want to have other methods of connecting with these people who have chosen to join your list. I have found that inviting them to follow me on Twitter, become my friend (or fan) on Facebook, and to connect with me on LinkedIn and FriendFeed are excellent ways to stay in touch. There are several ways this can beneficial to your business.

Email deliver ability is not what it should be these days. Your email may never show up in your prospect’s inbox, or it could get lost among the many emails they receive every single day. By sharing what you have to offer on social networking sites, you can remain top of consciousness for them in a more substantial way.

I recommend sending one email every two to three months that tells them exactly where they can find you, other than your blog or website. Also, include the direct links to these social networking sites in the P.S. of your email. Even if someone would choose to unsubscribe from your list at some point in time, you would maintain your connection with them for the foreseeable future.