Brands and Business Via Social Networking Service Popularity

According to the recent report, mobile social networking service jumped 37 percent since August, 2011. The reports say that 72 million Americans accessed social media or blogs using their mobile devices. In the booming smart phone and attractive social application’s market, comScore estimated that nearly one-third of all the mobile users in the United States access social media through their smart phones on a regular basis.

Over a year, popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn showed tremendous growth of audience by 50 percent, 75 percent and 69 percent, respectively. More than 38 million folks accessed a social networking service or blog via mobile applications.

What does it engaging in social-sites mean for Brands?

As the increasing number of people engage in online activities through community portal design services, it is vital for online brands to, actively, participate in communicating and updating their products and services at every level, building successful online communication network solutions.

Enterprises and brands may make use of a community portal design to fetch new leads. Statistics say that one of the three mobile social users snag a coupon/offer/deal, and twenty-seven percent click on the ads. This showed the business proliferation of the daily deal sites and ads as businesses became active on the social sites, engaging audiences. Hence, social marketing is the best marketing approach followed in the market, today.

Adding to the significance of social networking service, media uncovered a new dimension of social sites. Media posts any current topic on the social sites to get user responses before broadcasting it on live TV channels. Further, recruiters use community portals while selecting the right candidate. They often visit a candidate’s profile on popular social sites before selecting them; and on the basis of the content posted, recruiters select or reject the candidate. Although a new way, I believe, it’s not an effective tool to know the candidate’s potential.

Social Networking for Business

The reason behind the development of an online communication network solution was to connect people together, under a single platform, which helped users to share and communicate easily. Soon, social portal development transformed the way people did business; and now, it is a popular medium for leveraging business along with serving the purpose of entertaining audiences and letting them share their lives openly. It is the most effective way of promoting products and enforcing brands.

A social network solution is of utmost importance for reaching out to the right business development. For example, PROSkore is the one of the largest community portals in the world. It is strictly dedicated to measuring professional’s potential and measuring professional influence. Businesses or members of PROSkore are ranked according to their overall reputation on the top-most social networking sites.