Blog Traffic- Eight Ways To Build Links To Your Blog And Get Traffic

The Web is built on links. If you can get a link from a blog which has high traffic, your blog will get a boost, not only immediately, but more importantly long term, because links from high traffic blogs give your blog legitimacy and visibility.

“Link-building” is an art form. A decade ago, you got a link by asking for it – placing a link to a site on your own site, and asking for a link in return. This sometimes worked. However, it doesn’t work today.

How To Get Links To Your Blog

1. Create a unique, valuable piece of content on your blog to which other blogs link naturally. This is the best way to get links, but of course it takes a lot of thought and effort;

2. Create a blog roll of blogs you admire, and which are relevant to your audience. Don’t ask for any links in return. Some of the other blogs may link to yours, but most won’t. However, a good blog roll adds value to your blog for your audience, and some of the blogs to which you link will check out your blog because they’re curious about where their traffic is coming from;

3. Write a press release and post it on one of the many online PR sites;

4. Write articles for article directories. This strategy no longer works as well as it did a couple of years ago. However, you can get links in this way, and these links do help to create a profile for your blog. If you provide a great article, other sites will pick it up, gaining you many more links.

Tip: don’t create a mass of junk articles. The article directories are filled with nonsense articles: many site owners no longer both to visit them to scan for content that’s worth republishing because there’s so much utter junk – adding more garbage to a garbage pile won’t help your blog;

5. Write unique articles for other blogs. Every blog owner’s hungry for good content. Offering a free, valuable blog post is gold, and you’ll get grateful acceptances;

6. Comment on other blogs – but make your contents useful, and add to the conversation when you do. Posting “I agree” or “Great blog!” will get your comment deleted. You’ll also annoy the blog owner;

7. Trackback from your own blog, to blogs you reference;

8. Offer to guest blog on another blog, but wait until you have several months’ worth of content on your own blog.

So there you go: eight ways to build links to your blog. Link-building is a long term effort. Every link you get is valuable, and getting a link from a high-traffic blog is a gold mine – you’ll get a constant stream of traffic.