Blog Commenting Benefits and Recommendations

Blog Commenting Benefits and Recommendations : Have you ever wondered why some blogs have the option to comment and include name, email and URL? Probably you might not have thought of it. A lot of internet marketers make out time to just search for blogs relating to their niche to leave relevant comments on them or sometimes they simply create comments on their own post to get people involved in the conversation. Comments do really bring people together to share their thoughts on a particular topic especially when it falls in their line of interest. Blog comments have a lot of advantages for website rankings if properly used and on the other hand, it can be damaging to your website and rankings if not properly used. When there are a lot of people interacting with your content, Google ranks that particular content high based on how important they see it. Commenting on blogs can really help our business in the following ways:

1. Branding / Awareness: Commenting on blogs regularly can really help build your brand image. Some blogs have a lot of visitors that spend a reasonable amount of time reading blog posts and engaging with comments. Having your comment seen by these readers can help your brand visibility and possibly they can help remarket your products or services especially when they are impressed with your homepage listings.

2. Direct Traffic: When you leave good comments on blogs that are niche related to your business, there are possibilities that most readers from those blogs may be people who are already interested in your products or services. Those good comments you left could entice them to click on your link and interact with your website. through this way, you could get a lot of good traffic from those blogs especially if the post keeps having a lot of traffic. This could really help boost your traffic and conversion rates.

3. Improved Search rankings: Leaving relevant comments on good websites, by this I mean sites with good history and high page authority could really have an impact on your website too. This is because most of those links are treated as Do follow links once approved by the site administrator. Search engines consider this as good referrals and then increase your search engine rankings. However, this should not be done too much as Google may consider it as spam and may penalize your site.

4. Marketing Impact: Sometimes the effect of these blog comments does not come immediately but later. Sometimes it might happen as more people reply to your comments or even use it in another post linking to your website or homepage. These increase your chances of having more people to view your products and visit your website. through this way, you can get people willing to buy your product or services more than ever before.

The above reasons could have a lot of positive impact on your online business but at the same time, if blog commenting is not done properly, it might end up having a negative impact on your business. Below are some recommendations for proper blog commenting.

1. Read the Post before commenting: Reading the blog post and possibly other posts by the same author could give you a clear sense of what their interest and motives are, and also you will be able to understand the post better to be able to leave a reasonable comment that will match the post and get people to interact with your comment.

2. Read some of the comment on the post: By reading other contributors comments, you will have an idea on their views and make a difference. Because you want your comment to be better, unique and attract more readers. You need to leave comments that will stand out of the cloud.

3. Let your comment be of reasonable length: You should not just leave two or three words comment if your motive is to get some attention. Write at a length more than a tweet but also not so long. This will draw the attention of the blog admin and readers more than a sketchy comment. You might also consider leaving a link to the post because this is also not a bad practice according to Google.

4. Don’t leave Bio/reference links: This will be considered as spam by the admin and even search engines. If you are leaving a link within the comment section, make sure the link is highly relevant and related to the post otherwise, your comment will be marked as spam or rejected by the site admin.

5. Your Identity matters: You may use your photo or name rather than keywords or avatars. This builds up trust and respect especially if the identity matches the link you leave the comment. The human face respect will enable your post to be approved faster and even more respected if your linking site is of high value.

6. Be honest and authentic about yourself: Tell the community who you truly are and also your motives of being in the community. You may end up even been more respected and known based on your expertise and level of experience.

7. Promote the comment and the Post: Am sure almost all bloggers like it when their contributors share their post on Facebook and Tweet them. This has a very positive impact on their reputation and yours too since the post will benefit from search engines. When they are favored, you are favored too. It won’t be a crime to mention their name at all so feel free like air to share and mention them.