5 Ways to Sink Your Business Blog

5 Ways to Sink Your Business Blog : Yes, you may have a million other tasks to take care of this morning that you think should take priority to writing content for your business blog. However, you should consider your blog to be a valuable asset to your organization, helping to drive leads and conversions. That is, of course, assuming that you have a blog that is regularly updated with fresh, high quality content that appeals to your target audience.

While you might not admit it out loud, do you ever wonder if your blog just sucks? Take a minute to read through our list of some of the worst business blogging practices. If you can relate to any of them, it might be time to rethink your content marketing strategy:

1. You have no established schedule for publishing new content on your blog.

If it’s been a few weeks (or months?!) since you’ve published a new blog post, your blog is likely not providing you with the results that you originally hoped for when you launched it. Also, if you sporadically publish posts (i.e.: 3am on a Tuesday and 1pm on a Friday three weeks later), it can be hard for your audience to consider you as a go-to resource for their industry related questions because you are not positioning yourself as dependable.

If you need help staying accountable and scheduled with publishing new content, consider using an editorial calendar.

2. You’re rarely share engaging images and infographics on your blog.

It’s so easy for your audience to become lost in the text, so mixing things up by sharing some eye-popping images or using an infographic to help summarize complex ideas is a must.

3. Your posts offer little to no value to your audience.

Some SMB owners make the mistake of thinking that their blog is another way to sell their products and services and therefore turn their blog posts into pushy sales pitches. This is a fast way to lose credibility with your audience and readers altogether.

Not sure which topics appeal to your audience? Turn to social media to poll your followers about industry-related topics that they want to hear more about.

4. Your blog posts all have the same monotonous format.

Unfortunately, this seems inevitable if you’re the only contributor on your blog and don’t carefully think through the way that you are formatting your blog posts.

5. You don’t respond to comments on your blog posts.

If someone is taking the time to comment on your blog post (particularly if a question is asked), you need to be able to respond promptly. Taking too long to respond can cause you brand to lose credibility with your audience.