5 Reasons To Choose Magento 2 for Your Ecommerce Website

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Magento 2 is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions that has an wide-spread global network of over 3,15,000 developers and more than $155 billion gross merchandise volume annually. Some of the top advantages of Magento 2 driving its high demand are its highly flexible content management system, large global network, high speed, and the list goes on. 

No wonder that the ecommerce businesses are adopting Magento 2 at an increasing rate to optimize their websites and reduce the difficulties like high website loading time, poor SEO optimization and others. But that’s not it. There’s more to why Magento 2 has become the go-to solution in the ecommerce sector. In this blog, we will look into the top advantages of using Magento 2 for ecommerce websites.

What Is Magento? 

Magento is a popular open-source ecommerce platform from Adobe which helps programmers to create powerful and scalable ecommerce websites. Equipped with exclusive features and solutions to let the end-users sell their product and grow their business, Magento is highly sought-after among the leading business players in the ecommerce sector. Magento 2 is the latest version of Magento that comes with even more advanced features.

Some of the examples of the success of Magento in the ecommerce areas are Land Rover, Moschino, Swatch, Helly Hansen, Adore Beauty, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. You too can unleash its full potential for your own ecommerce store. Next lets discuss the key benefits of using Magento 2 for your ecommerce store.

Benefits of Using Magento 2 in an Ecommerce Store

There are innumerable benefits of opting for Magento 2 development for your ecommerce store. Below we have listed out the top ones.

1. Better SEO Optimization

No matter how well-built and efficient your ecommerce website is, unless it is SEO-friendly and SEO-optimized, all will be in vain. Magento 2 lets you achieve this goal easily by ensuring the proper SEO optimization of your ecommerce site. 

Its enterprise edition is dedicated to optimize and improve the SEO score of an ecommerce website. Furthermore, Magento 2 makes it much easier to optimize each of the product pages along with the product description to score up your SEO optimization level.

2. Faster Loading Speed

Research says that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then the bounce rate for your website visitors can rise as much as 50% or even more. And not only that, a higher loading time leads to poor customer experience even for your existing customers. As Magento 2 has lower HTTP requests, it solves this major issue by ensuring the faster loading speed for your ecommerce website.

3. Easy Third Party Integration

Third party integration is pivotal for any ecommerce platform. Magento 2 offers an easy and flexible solution to let your website integrate with multiple web applications, solutions, payment gateways, and others. As a result, there are no issues of incompatibilities, ambiguities, and errors when it comes to third party integration for your ecommerce site.

4. Highly Customizable

One of the top advantages of opting for Magento 2 is, it offers a very high level of customization for your ecommerce website. Be it modifying the website view, or configuring the product features and categories, its flexible CMS and the relevant solutions make it simpler than ever. Starting from payment gateways modification to adding a new plug-in from the Magento marketplace, it makes your ecommerce website and its functionalities highly customizable, which is important to scale or grow your business.

5. Robust Security

Security is one of the most crucial factors and Magento 2 lets you implement impenetrable security for your ecommerce platform by letting you create a strict authentication process. Not only it lets you easily incorporate secondary authentication and security checks like CAPTCHA and secondary password, but it offers an extensive PCI data security solution for an extra layer of protection against data breaches or cyber threats. 

To Conclude

The adoption of Magento 2 in the online shopping sector is surging high. And to utilize it in the best possible way, you need to have a crystal clear idea on its top advantages, on which areas of your ecommerce platform it can improve, and how can you optimize them better. 

The above information will help you have a better understanding on the advantages of using Magento 2 for your ecommerce website. To bring out the best, all you need to do is outline the top requirements from your ecommerce platform.

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