5 Content Marketing Ideas For The Love Month

5 Content Marketing Ideas For The Love Month : Although popularly known as the love month, February abounds with other holidays and events from which you can gather inspiration for content marketing.

Providing useful content on your eCommerce site is an effective way of gaining customer interest, and eventually boosting your sales.

How you lay out your content is absolutely up to you; you can never go wrong with videos and blogs, though.

Here below are five content marketing ideas which you can work on, depending on the product line that you wish to push in this month of hearts.

Idea #1 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about giving gifts, flowers, chocolates and cards, among many other things, to people that matter to you.

It’s like Christmas all over again as shoppers flock to online stores, and retailers happily accommodate them.

This is the perfect time to promote your product with a how-to article or video tutorial.

A how-to content is very powerful because people in general love information that is not only useful, but also easily digestible.

Be sure to tie it in with your business by adding in the key features of your product, as well as high-resolution images.

Idea #2 Winter-to-Spring Transition

Here’s something for those of you who are in the apparel and footwear industry.

With the winter season culminating soon, you will want to start promoting those items that will rev up your spring sales.

What better way to achieve that than by publishing something that is focused on spring cleaning, to encourage customers to get rid of their heavy winter clothing and make room for lighter numbers.

We suggest that you come up with a video or slideshow of refreshing spring outfits and footwear that are available in your store.

That’s a subtle but effective way of promoting your goods.

Idea #3 Industry of Things World USA

You wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to create valuable content regarding this very important event, as it looks into the future of the Internet of Things (Iot).

The top IoT influencers participating in the Industry of Things World USA are going to explain how cloud, robotics, automation and other technologies are going to affect your business.

Think of this two-day event as a saga with several chapters, which you can present in instalments to visitors to your site.

You can blog about each speaker’s speech, and even make a commentary video on it if you want to.

What matters is your ability to get everyone involved in the issues that were tackled in the event.

Idea #4 London Fashion Week

Now, who doesn’t want to know what the fashion trends for 2017 are?

If you are selling designer clothes, find inspiration from the upcoming London Fashion Week.

You can make a video that shows snippets of the runway show, or come up with a photo-driven blog post featuring new designer creations-along with the clothes that you sell, of course.

If you can get someone to model your clothes, all the better as this shows your website’s relevance.

Idea #5 Pancake Day

Pancake is a relatable topic for everyone, so might as well base your content on National Pancake Day.

A blog post on the origin of Pancake Day, or a fun how-to article that shows the steps to flipping a pancake flawlessly, can increase your website traffic as people love this stuff.

For those of you who are selling kitchen appliances, a video tutorial that demonstrates how to make a delicious pancake recipe is a good way to showcase your wares.

There you have it. Five content marketing ideas which you could use in your business.

However, it’s worth noting that the success of your content marketing highly depends on how well you know your target market.