14 Ways to Earn Easy and Free Residual Income

1. Search for free residual income programs for opportunities to earn.

2. Ignore residual affiliate programs and opportunities that take a long time to show results and income schemes that require set-up cost and monthly fees.

3. To earn regular income get people to click your link and place an order or start a subscription with the merchant.

4. Promote your affiliate links and product recommendations through free ad sites, newsletters, forum posts, directories, articles, and email marketing etc.

5. Join recurring income affiliate programs which are free to promote.

6. Promote products with monthly subscriptions and re-billing where businesses are willing to compensate affiliates with commissions for as long as a customer sent to them continues to subscribe.

7. You can also promote products which do not have monthly re-billing but still offer commissions for returning customers who place re-orders.

8. Promoting programs like web hosting are good example of earning monthly income.

9. Promote products where the customers are likely to return after their first visit to order or re-order a product or service.Examples of this type of are jewelers, herbal supplement companies, and clothing stores etc.

10. Find a business that offers residual income and try to have receptive people to click your affiliate link to earn fast and free income.

11. Use links that works immediately and costs you nothing to use.

12. After finding a program that is good and relevant, get customers from your emails, site/blog, or newsletters.

13. Convince the customers about the product or service you are promoting so that they will follow your recommendations and purchase from the merchant.

14. Be courteous in recommending a product or service.